viadat application: The WMS for production and distribution logistics

The certified standard software viadat is appropriate for all intralogistics tasks in production and distribution logistics. Using a modern and intelligent WMS such as viadat, you can reduce throughput times, optimize the delivery quality and the adherence to delivery dates, and sustainably decrease error rates. Using the warehouse management software, you can minimize warehouse and buffer inventories and clear space for value-adding processes, thus increasing your production output. This results in significant competitive advantages and turns your logistics into a value-adding factor.

Challenges of distribution logistics

Global trends and changes have an immediate influence on distribution logistics which must meet the challenges with efficient solutions. Demographic change and manpower shortages significantly impede personnel recruitment in logistics, just as in other sectors. The increasing cost pressure caused by rising energy and transport costs is another aspect that distribution logistics has to cope with. Digital distribution due to e-commerce and the mobile internet need high-performance multi-channel logistics solutions and reliable internationally oriented 24/7 order processing.
Changing customer demands require a wide variety of items. This involves a high level of product availability, along with very high delivery quality, short delivery times, and high delivery reliability. Customer-specific terms of delivery also have to be considered (regarding packaging, cohesion of shipments, and others). To successfully master these challenges, the application of intelligent warehouse management software, which can be used across all industries, is indispensable.

Requirements in production logistics

While the optimal connection to the customer is the main aspect of distribution, favorable procurement structures and low labor costs are the decisive factors in production. Here as well, demographic change and the shortage of qualified personnel constitute a severe problem, impeding personnel recruitment. Decentralized production sites entail complex processes and supply chain structures that must be controlled and organized reliably. Increasing cost pressure on the side of energy and transport costs and growing customer demands for small batches, a great variety of products and a short product cycle as well as traceability require a rapid, flexible and efficient production supply.

Only modern and powerful software that optimally controls and links the processes along the entire material flow chain can meet all these requirements.

The use of viadat guarantees optimum process control along the entire material flow.
The use of viadat guarantees optimum process control along the entire material flow.
Optimally control all intralogistics processes with viadat