Connecting technology specialist implements new WMS

Integrated software solution improves delivery times and quality of supply


Thanks to the implementation of the viadat warehouse management system, Engel can supply customers faster and with minimal error rates.

Verbindungselemente Engel GmbH is a medium-sized wholesaler specializing in connecting technology and supplies both industrial and commercial customers. The forklift-operated warehouse at the family-owned company's headquarters in Weingarten, Southern Germany provides space for more than 100,000 different items - including screws, nuts, dowels, and standard parts. The existing ERP system met the complex requirements placed on warehouse management software only to a limited extent. Therefore, the specialist in connecting elements entrusted the intralogistics software house viastore SOFTWARE with implementing its proprietary warehouse management system viadat and connecting it to the ERP system DIHA from LPB Software. "With viadat, we anticipate future growth to be possible without any problems," explains Ulrich Kuhnle, project manager at Engel. viadat is a modern, powerful standard software designed for the management and control of entire intralogistics systems. It has a modular structure and can be easily implemented thanks to its extensive configuration options, which enables it to grow along with the requirements facing Engels. viadat is suitable for both small warehouses with low throughput rates as well as huge distribution centers with hundreds of thousands of orderlines a day. The WMS integrates different types of warehouses and technologies - from highly automated systems to conventional manually or forklift-operated systems. "In the past, order picking was paper-based, which was cumbersome and time-consuming. Today, viastore's software takes over the radio-controlled management of all our intralogistics processes. This enables us to supply our customers in a faster and nearly error-free manner," says Kuhnle.

The warehouse software takes over the radio-controlled management of all intralogistics processes at Engel.