Dermofarm entrusts viastore with implementing a new international logistics center

Unit Load AS/RS System and WMS for Spain


To be able to cope with future demands of the supply chain, Dermofarm decided to build a new central logistics center. viastore supplies and installs a key-turn intralogistics system including a WMS for the cosmetics manufacturer. Image: viastore

A new order for viastore in Spain: the Spanish local business unit of viastore implements a turn-key intralogistics system for Dermofarm, one of the most renowned companies of the Spanish cosmetics industry and a member of the Italian GANASSINI GROUP. That system is a part of the new international logistics center at the headquarters of the company in the Vall├ęs region near Barcelona.

Dermofarm has been producing cosmetics products for more than 40 years. Due to its high standards of research and product development and to its modern production plants, the globally operating company has become one of the market leaders in Spain. With  substantial growth in recent years, the demands of the supply chain changed as well. To be able to keep on offering the best possible service, Dermofarm decided to concentrate its three logistics locations into a new central distribution center equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

For that distribution center, viastore supplies and installs an automated rack-supported unit load AS/RS system for pallets. The system is managed and controlled by the viastore warehouse management system viadat, which meets all demands and provides all functions of the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, and is certified and validated according to IFS and Gamp. Dermofarm stores its heavy parts on pallets, and its light ones in cartons. A conveyor line carries the goods to the pick stations.

The new logistics center helps Dermofarm to significantly increase its warehouse capacity and to offer its customers first-class service in addition to its premium products. At the same time, the intralogistics system is flexible enough to stand the test of the company's future growth.