Paperless picking in stacker system of HANSA-FLEX

Higher throughput and lower error rate thanks to SAP


The forklift driver is guided through the picking process via the terminal. This makes the picking process much more efficient and reliable.

HANSA-FLEX, a leading systems supplier in fluid technology, supplies its around 400 branches from two central warehouses. Since 2005, the company has been using viadatWMS and SAP WM for managing its automated storage systems. More and more often today, warehouse operators in the HANSA-FLEX warehouses require access to goods in the stacker systems. To provide for faster and more reliable picking, viastore therefore added customized functions to the existing SAP processes and replaced paper-based picking with a radio frequency solution. The forklift driver is guided through the pick process via a touch screen terminal, but can interrupt the workflow, if necessary. The printing of labels, cancelling of transfer orders or storing of items in alternative storage locations can be initiated by the warehouse operator.
The new control station dialog features a variety of monitoring and control mechanisms. Here the operator can, for example view, check and release open deliveries and monitor the current stock levels. Picking is now almost paperless and much more efficient, and the cooperation between warehouse staff and control station has become much easier. HANSA-FLEX was able to increase the throughput of its two warehouses and is therefore in a position to respond to increasing order intake.This makes the picking process much more efficient and reliable.