Shorter implementation times and reduced project effort

proALPHA strengthens its ERP platform through new partner solution from viastore


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Today’s logistics and manufacturing processes can no longer be regarded individually and in isolation from each other. Rather, medium-sized enterprises need to take a holistic approach when it comes to planning and controlling the flows of information and goods, both internally and across company boundaries. The IT-controlled management of material flows in intralogistics is therefore paramount to establishing smart, future-proof value chains. With this in mind, proALPHA has expanded its intralogistics service portfolio by deploying a special solution from viastore SOFTWARE. Thanks to its standardized connection to proALPHA ERP, this solution can be rapidly implemented while project-related effort on the part of the customer is kept to a minimum.

viastore and proALPHA have already worked together successfully in the past, implementing projects for companies from the automotive sector as well as for international customers, for example. In the future, the two companies will be further expanding their cooperation in close coordination at the strategic level.

Comprehensive range of solutions for seamless logistics processes

viastore offers a wide variety of services, from planning to delivering customized logistics solutions. Ranging from pick-by-voice solutions to forklift control systems, these help optimize corporate intralogistics processes and boost the growth and profitability of proALPHA customers.

With its viadat warehouse management system, viastore offers a state-of-the-art software solution for managing and controlling connected material flows in production and logistics. It offers all functionalities required in intralogistics environments, including those necessitated by Industry 4.0. With more than 2,500 functions in its standard version, this software is ideally suited both for logistics centers with high turnover rates as well as for conventional, manually or forklift-operated systems. viadat can be effortlessly tailored to suit the individual needs of customers and requires only minimal training of warehouse staff.

High level of standardization

With their collaboration, proALPHA and viastore aim to achieve a high level of standardization when connecting the special solution to the ERP system based on the proALPHA Integration Workbench (INWB).  This standard will help significantly speed up the implementation of future projects because only adaptations to specific customer requirements will need to be carried out.

Bernhard Fix, Partner Manager at proALPHA, comments on the benefit of this approach: “In the future, 70 to 80 percent of connection to our partner solution will be standardized. The remaining 20 to 30 percent will be implemented in close cooperation with the respective company and our partner. This will enable us to offer our clients an extremely fast and convenient way of integrating intralogistics solutions in proALPHA.”