Shuttle system from viastore secures future viability

Optimum utilization of space and greater flexibility in the warehouse


viaflex³ shuttle systems from viastore can move independently from one rack aisle to another, which results in optimum utilization of space.

Eisele Pneumatics GmbH & Co. KG, an international metal processing company and a leading supplier of high-quality connection components established in 1939 in Waiblingen near Stuttgart, has selected viastore to automate its warehouse processes in preparation for future growth. Completion of the automated container warehouse is scheduled for March 2018.

The viastore shuttle solution offers space for 17,280 containers which can be extended to as many as 26,780 containers as required. These are transported by five viaflex³-type shuttles plus two lifts, which ensures a high degree of flexibility and inventory accuracy. The shuttles travel on rails that are attached to each row of racks and are elevated to the appropriate rack levels by means of lifts. Since they feature wheels that are rotatable by up to 90 degrees, they are also able to move independently from one rack aisle to another. This allows for optimum utilization of the available space. "viaflex³ is extremely energy-efficient, which cuts down on operating costs," says Peter Päusch, who heads the viastore sales office in Southern Germany. The warehouse is managed and controlled using viastore's warehouse management system viadat, which is intuitive to use and can be easily configured and upgraded.