viastore establishes software company and further develops its corporate design

“Guaranteed Success” is the target for the future


viastore breaks new ground: The international intralogistics specialist headquartered in Stuttgart founded its own software company on 1 July 2015. The company has bundled all activities relating to its viadat standard WMS (Warehouse Management System) and SAP logistics solutions. After more than forty years of success with automated intralogistics systems, the company is now also positioning itself as a provider of software for manually-operated and forklift-served logistics facilities. With a clear focus on intralogistics systems and intralogistics software, viastore will now be able to provide its customers with even more comprehensive and targeted support and advice.

The benefit for users of this independent software company, which has been set up as an affiliate to viastore SYSTEMS is very clear: “We've been developing our standard WMS viadat since 1991 and have been an SAP partner for the past 20 years. This enables us to offer our customers informed and technology-independent consultation services and solutions for every warehouse type”, said viastore CEO Philipp Hahn-Woernle at the ceremony to establish viastore SOFTWARE. “These software solutions provide our customers with clear added value: shorter lead times, increased efficiency, enhanced process reliability, reduced inventories and outstanding picking quality.” viastore SOFTWARE still focuses on the systems business, but the company is also continuing to expand the sales organization and the processing of software solutions for manual and forklift-served warehouses – independently of the system business. In its role as a system integrator, viastore SYSTEMS will continue to advise its customers on automatic storage and distribution systems (including the associated software), and also plan, implement and continuously improve new plants and distribution facilities.

“During our 125-year history, we have undergone constant change, from mechanical engineering to plant contracting and from crane manufacturing to integrating intralogistics systems”, says Philipp Hahn-Woernle, outlining the background of his company. “And we’ve been developing software for around 40 years and our WMS standard product viadat for the past 25 years. In the mid-1990s we were the first company in the world to completely map an automatic storage system in SAP.” Used in more than 30 countries, viadat is available in 16 languages, and is equally suitable for manually-operated and forklift-served warehouses or for distribution centers with several thousand order lines a day. “More than 12,000 users are now working with this WMS, and over 3,500 use our SAP logistics solutions for WM and EWM – so it was a logical step to found viastore SOFTWARE GmbH”, says the viastore CEO.

The general conditions for the new software company could hardly be better: “Intralogistics is increasingly becoming a process and IT topic”, says viastore COO Detlef Ganz. Users need not only reliable and high performance storage technology, but also suitable, intelligent and future proof software solutions. “Production and logistics processes are becoming more closely linked, so companies have to understand, plan, manage and control all the flows of information and goods in a holistic way,” he adds.

“Our two specialist software offerings viadat and SAP, really give our customers the beauty of  choice”, says a smiling Philip Hahn-Woernle. “Our goal is to focus strongly on our competence in software consulting and implementation while intensifying our user care,” says Patrick Eichstädt, the COO of the new viastore SOFTWARE operations. Mr. Eichstaedt’s previous position was Vice President of viastore’s SAP division. viastore aims to establish itself as a leading provider of intralogistics software on the market, independent of its traditional business as a system integrator.

This change in corporate focus is also reflected in the company’s visual appearance – viastore has completely revamped its corporate design. “Our new image puts even more emphasis on our values and the brand essence of the company,” reports Hahn-Woernle. “As a company that provides a global guarantee for intralogistics solutions, viastore gives its customers a competitive edge.” So it’s logical that the new viastore claim is “Guaranteed Success.”